Dr. Douglas Brinkerhoff, CMO

Headshot of Dr. Doug Brinkerhoff

Dr. Douglas Brinkerhoff, Chief Medical Officer, has enjoyed 36 years of direct patient care including being the owner of a medical practice with 3 locations and 76 employees.  During this time I also served as Chief of Staff and a Hospital Board member while the new Chandler Regional Hospital was being built. I have chaired a committee for the Northern Arizona Peer Review Organization and was also a member of the Physician Assistant Program Advisory Committee that worked to set up the first Physician Assistant program in Arizona.

Following the sale of my medical practice, I served as the Clinical Director of the IHS hospital and clinics on the San Carlos Reservation near Globe, Arizona.  Following San Carlos, I was a National Medical Director for Humana overseeing their CMS pharmacy program. I have been at Cobre Valley Hospital since December of 2015 as the Chief Medical Officer.