Evelyn Vargas, CXO

Headshot of Evelyn Vargas

Evelyn Vargas, Chief Experience Officer, joined CVRMC in September 2009. She is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems. She also has degrees in Elementary and Secondary Education. Born and raised in the Globe-Miami Community, she was a high school Business/Computer/Marketing Instructor for 13 years. After teaching she worked for BHP-Billiton Copper, Pinto Valley Operations as their Communications Coordinator.

Evelyn is responsible for all aspects of the patient and family experience, marketing, and public relations for CVRMC and the regional clinics. Her focus is patient and family, physicians, employees, and community relations.  She is a member of many charitable organizations throughout the community and service region.

“By building internal and external relationships, and promoting a culture which reflects the mission and vision of CVRMC, we will continue to better our position as a respected and vital organization within the service area and among other hospitals in the state. Through listening and focusing on patient’s and employee’s concerns and effectively communicating with the CVRMC service region, we will continue to strengthen our network of relationships.”