CVRMC Community Guidelines

The Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center Social Media Community Guidelines provide guidance to anyone posting to or responding on CVRMC social media profiles. Before posting on any of our social media profiles, please understand that all visitors are bound by the following policies.

Please read our Social Media Policy carefully.

Our policies are in compliance with state and federal regulations. In case of confusion or a missing detail, we defer to the Facebook Community Standards.


  1. Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center welcomes you to share your comments, thoughts and experiences on its social media profiles. We encourage visitors who post on any CVRMC social media site to be respectful, fair and courteous to others. We ask visitors to avoid making comments which are offensive to others.
  2. The replies and comments posted on CVRMC social media profiles are those of individual visitors to CVRMC social media platforms and do not necessarily represent those of CVRMC clinics, affiliates, or any employees or directors related to CVRMC.
  3. Use of the CVRMC social media profiles does not create a physician-patient relationship and should not be interpreted as such. Information posted on any of our social media profiles should not be considered medical advice, and should not replace consultation with a qualified medical professional. We do not offer medical advice in response to any comment posted on an CVRMC social media profile, and would encourage any visitors seeking medical help to consult a health professional.
  4. CVRMC reserves the right to review, edit or delete any comments considered to be abusive, personal/defamatory, spam, inaccurate, use profanity, concern HR matters, advertise commercial products, involve solicitation, are off-topic, violate the privacy of patients and/or their families, use “hate” speech (making comments that are offensive to another person’s race, gender, disability, religion or any other status protected by law). Further, CVRMC reserves the right to block access to its social media profiles by any visitor who violates this policy.
  5. CVRMC logos and trademarks may not be used without written consent from a representative of CVRMC with authority to give that permission.
  6. Links to external sites from any CVRMC social media profiles are provided as a reference and service to visitors, and do not represent endorsement of the sites to which they link.
  7. By submitting content to any of the CVRMC social media profiles, you understand and acknowledge that this content is visible to the public, and may be used by CVRMC both for internal and external purposes, including promotional or marketing functions. You understand and acknowledge that other visitors to CVRMC social media profiles may use any information posted by you in ways beyond the control of CVRMC. If you are not willing to acknowledge this, please do not post on any social media profiles owned by CVRMC. We suggest you consider carefully before disclosing any medical information or personal details.
  8. CVRMC employees should, in addition to the guidelines above, refer also to the section of the Employee Handbook regarding social media usage by employees.
  9. We make a reasonable effort to monitor visitor participation on the CVRMC social media profiles and we reserve the right to delete comments that are abusive, defamatory, violate patient privacy or impact their access to care, spam, use profanity or advertise commercial products.