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Medical Oncology

Cancer patients needing access to chemotherapy and patients needing blood therapy are provided these services, close to home, at the Cancer and Infusion Center at Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center. The center includes 6 patient bays. Care is private and each patient bay includes comfortable chairs, personal televisions, room for a loved one to sit with the patient, and marbled glass walls. Patients are often in the Infusion Center for several hours due to their treatment process. Because of this, their comfort is a top priority. A separate entrance on the south side of the hospital keeps patients in a more isolated condition.

The Cancer Center provides patients with a broad range of infusion services and treatments such as chemotherapy, blood transfusions, hydration therapy, injections, and more.

Radiation Oncology

Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center (CVRMC) is now providing cancer radiation treatment. There is no more need to travel great distances for this care. CVRMC is the first hospital in the State of Arizona to acquire a Halcyon System for Image-Guided Radiation Treatment.

This innovative technology from Varian Medical Systems delivers precise radiation to cancerous areas of the body unmatched by any radiation therapy currently being administered.

“This is a very advanced machine and CVRMC is on par with the best hospitals in the country. The Halcyon matches the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and the University of San Diego Medical Center. There are only four of these machines in the country and CVRMC is one of the four to have this latest technology.”

— Dr. Tam Nguyen, Radiation Oncologist at CVRMC

Our Oncology Team

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