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Your Skin is Our Specialty

Welcome to the Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center Skin Clinic and Medical Aesthetic Center. We are a full-time clinic dedicated to treating both medical and cosmetic skin issues.

In coordination with the CVRMC General Surgery Department, we offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of skin related problems. The CVRMC Skin Clinic opened in 2019 to provide skincare services in our community. It is our goal to provide exceptional care within our community.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to reach out to our team for more information.

Dermatology Services Available


Biopsy – Often performed so that a small amount of skin can be removed for examination. Pathologists examine this small sample of skin so a diagnosis can be reached which will allow for accurate and effective treatment. There are three primary methods of performing biopsies: shave, punch, and excisional.

Excision of skin cancers, Lipoma, Dermatofibroma, Acrochordon (skin tags), cysts, Cherry Angioma, and more.

Cryotherapy, including pre-cancers.

I&D – Including abscesses and cysts.

Scar Revision



Skin Cancer Prevention & Treatment

40% to 50% of fair-skinned people will develop skin cancer by the age of 65. This rate is likely higher in Arizona due to a multitude of factors including higher elevation, being closer to the equator, and a warm climate the majority of the year.

  • Melanoma
  • Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers
  • Pre-Cancers / Actinic Keratosis

Meet Our Dermatology Staff

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General Surgery

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Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology

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General Surgery


Have questions about dermatology and skincare services offered at CVRMC? Check out our frequently asked questions below, and feel free to reach out to our team if you can’t find your answer below. We’ll be more than happy to help!


Acne is the most common skin problem, and it affects more than 50 million Americans. Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of pores that become clogged with an overproduction of skin oil, cellular debris, and bacteria.

Acne may be caused by hormonal changes, genetic factors, and certain medications, and can be exacerbated by stress, fried foods, and poor hygiene. The result is pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, or cysts. These blemishes typically occur on the face, neck, chest, and back.

If acne is severe enough, it can cause discoloration and scarring.

Washing your face twice daily is an absolute essential when treating acne. Gentle cleansers, like Cetaphil, Cerave, Eucerin, and Vanicream, are all affordable and are typically tolerable for all skin types.

Use caution when using products that contain benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and sulfur, as they may be too harsh and drying for acne-prone skin. A professional can help guide you in your acne treatment routine to optimize your results.

After evaluation of your skin, an individualized plan will be created for you. This may include prescription-strength therapies including topical medications (antibiotics, retinoids, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory) or oral medications (antibiotics, hormone regulators, or Isotretinoin: Accutane).

Our in-office procedures currently include cysts injections, blue light therapy, chemical peels, and microneedling. These procedures are used to reduce blemishes, pore size, pigment and discoloration, and scarring.

Cosmetic Services

Botox and Dysport are injectables that are used to relax the muscle and help reduce those age-telling expression lines. They are usually used to treat wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows (referred to as the “11’s”), and around the eyes or “crows-feet.” Results typically last 3-4 months.

Dermal Fillers are made from synthetic hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that is naturally found in your skin that helps keep your skin young, supple, and voluminous. Fillers are placed under the skin to replace volume and enhance definition and structure.

Typical treatment areas include enhancing lips, lifting cheeks, defining jawlines, and softening creases. Results typically last 6-18 months.

Kybella is also known as Deoxycholic acid, which is a substance that is naturally found in the body to break down fat. Kybella is used to treat submental fullness, or a “double chin.” It is also used off-label to treat jowls, bra fat, small pockets of abdominal fat, and knee fat. Results are permanent.

Microneedling is a cosmetic therapy used to improve conditions including acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, pore size, pigment issues, and stretch marks. It employs tiny, sterile needles that pierce the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Treatments can be completed every 4-6 weeks, and the best results are typically achieved in a series.


  • Allergy
    – Patch Testing
    – Kenalog /Celestone Injections
  • Herpes
  • Melasma
  • Molluscum
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis
  • Skin Growths
    – Skin Tags
    – Seborrheic Keratosis
    – Benign Moles
    – Cherry Hemangiomas
    – Solar Lentigos / Sun Spots
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin Infections
    – Bacterial
    – Fungal
    – Parasites
  • Rashes
  • Hair loss
  • Excessive Perspiration
  • Vitiligo
  • Nail Disorders
    – Discoloration
    – Thickening
    – Splitting
  • Warts